hi all
ye baba-ie ha shadidan hese jav gir dare bichare!!!!
faghat tanha moshkelesh ine ke msehe hame nemidune-o nazarie erae mide!
NP khub mishe - va rasti Mr. javabie migam to age ketabi a Iron Maiden soragh dari be manam moarefi kon karam rahat beshe khoda kheiret bede
a javabie-at merc
khob dige kheili vaghtamo talaf kardam berim sare asle matlab...
aam va ama shere emroo ...

" Gost Of The Navigator "
vocal :( DICKINSON )
I have sailed to many lands now I make my final journey
On the bow I stand, west is where I go
Through the night I plough still my heart, calculate and pray
As the compass swings my will is strong. I will not be led astray.
Mysteries of time clouds that hide the sun
But I know… I know

I see the ghosts of navigators but they are lost.
As they sail into the sunset they'll count the cost
As their skeletons accusing emerge from the sea
The sirens of the rocks, they beckon me

Take my heart and set it free
Carried forward by the waves
Nowhere left to run, Navigator's son
Chasing Rainbows all my days
Where I go I do not know
I only know the place I've been
Dreams they come and go, ever shall be so
Nothing's real until you see

I steer between the crashing rocks, the sirens call my name
Lash my hands onto the helm, blood surging with the strain
I will not fail now as sunrise comes the darkness left behind
For eternity I follow on there is no other way
Mysteries of time clouds that hide the sun
But I know … I know

---> منبع شعر <---
khob inam manba-e sher-am ...
va hala mirim soraghe ax-e emroo ...
chi bezaram baratoon
khob fahmidam poster-e yeki a concert-aie Iron Maiden be name Rising Hell -o baratoon mizaram berin hal konin

نویسنده : David Croft ; ساعت ۱٢:٠٢ ‎ب.ظ روز شنبه ٢۸ دی ،۱۳۸۱